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Friends Online Report 2016

One of three girls and one of four boys have been
subjected to online sexual harassments in the past year.

Friends Online Report 2016

Friends is an non-profit organization, dedicated to the prevention of bullying. We educate and support schools, pre-schools and sports clubs throughout Sweden. Our vision is to see young children and adolescents grow up in a safe and secure society where all are treated equally.


MAY 2016

Smakis beverages are campaigning for the benefit of Friends

Smakis beverages are launching a radio-commercial to shine a light on bullying, and to raise money for Friends. The commercial is done by Friends Secretary General Lars Arrhenius and well-known profiles such as the comedian Henrik Schyffert.

– We’ve had it with bullying, it must come to an end. We are hoping that the #miljonkampen 2016, together with the important friend-advices on all Smakis-packages, contributes to that we together work actively against bullying. No child should have to go to school with a lump in the stomach, says Erik Östensson at Smakis.

Every year, 60,000 children in Sweden are subjected to bullying. Those kids are deprived of the safety that is every child’s right. At the same time, Friends work shows that bullying can be stopped. In schools that work with the Friends program, bullying is reduced with an average of 24 percent after one year.

– We are very happy and proud over the genuine engagement Smakis beverages have shown to prevent bullying. We have worked together for a long time and through their campaigns we are able to help even more children to a safe and secure childhood, says Lars Arrhenius, Secretary General at Friends.

The campaign will run during Spring, Summer and in connection with the school start. Since 2015 Smakis is operating “Miljonkampen mot mobbning” (The one million fight against bullying), in which Smakis donated over 1 million SEK to Friends. The goal is to raise 1 million SEK to Friends on an annual basis. The radio-commercial is a part of this campaign and for every Smakis product sold, money is donated to Friends.

For more information, please contact
Anders Gustafsson, Public Relations Manager
+4670 725 54 13

MAR 2016

Friends Launches an Interactive Online Training Course for Guardians

In all of Friends training courses held throughout Sweden, parents and guardians are the target group most difficult to reach. For this reason, Friends has developed an e-simulation that can be used at the guardians’ own convenience.

– All adults close to children have an important role in preventing bullying. The more informed guardians, the greater chances to prevent bullying and discrimination, says Olle Cox, responsible for Friends’ digital development.

Many guardians struggle with the issue of how to deal with questions on bullying, harassment and intimidation, both in terms of how to talk to and support children and young people, as well as what rights and obligations you have as a guardian, school or other actor. This is not at least shown by our guidance service, which is contacted by many guardians.

– The purpose of the training course is to give guardians better opportunities to support their children. Through our guidance service we have gained so much experience about what type of questions guardians have. These experiences we now make accessible to everyone, says Olle Cox.

The content of the simulation aims to give adults tools to take advantage of children and young peoples’ right to safety and equality. The e-simulation builds on the most common questions Friends’ support team receives from guardians throughout Sweden. It also offers knowledge about the laws regulating children and young peoples’ rights to a safe and secure school.

The guardian training course has been produced in collaboration with the company Intermezzon. Nour el-Refai has given her voice to the training course.

Acess the training course (only in Swedish)

For more information, please contact
Anders Gustafsson, Public Relations Manager
Tel: +4670 725 54 13

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