Zero tolerance against bullying

We are an organisation that provides adults with research-based tools to prevent bullying among children and young people.

Partnerships for prevention

All the research and experience indicates that the best way to prevent bullying is to invest more resources in preventive measures rather than to wait until an intervention is required.

Another important parameter is cooperation. Partnerships with various stakeholders in society fosters better engagement and leads to synergies that enable us to work together to create a safer world for children.

Every year, we visit hundreds of schools, pre-schools and sports-clubs in Sweden. We have continuous dialogue with pupils, teachers, parents and other adults who interact with children. We hold training courses, discuss and exchange views and best practice. We test and evaluate different methods, and provide advice and guidance.

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Research-based approach

Friends uses an interdisciplinary approach, with a combination of research and established practice.

In partnership with Swedish universities and in our international network, we fund research projects related to bullying and discrimination. By obtaining new knowledge and insights, we are able to develop and update our methods, training courses and tools. We also create networks and forums where children, parents, teachers, researchers and practitioners come together to discuss how to stop bullying.

In addition, Friends also runs an advocacy programme to inform and influence authorities, politicians, policy-makers and the general public. Together we can stop bullying!

We want to create a society without bullying

Where every child feels loved and respected. Where nobody goes to sleep feeling sad, wakes up feeling anxious and leaves for school with a sinking feeling in their stomach. Where self-esteem wins out over self-hate. Children need our support, and we need yours. Together we can stop bullying!

The role and methods of Friends

Friends develops, implements and disseminates knowledge about bullying, degrading treatment and discrimination, nationally as well as internationally.
We do so by working within four areas that in combination contribute to the goal of not letting one single child be subjected to bullying.


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Friends compiles, develops and disseminates research and knowledge. We create networks and forums where researchers, practitioners and other interested parties can come together to discuss how to stop bullying.

In partnership with Swedish universities and in our international network, we initiate and conduct research projects related to bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, online abuse and other issues. By obtaining new knowledge and insights, we are able to develop and update our methods, training courses and tools.

Friends takes an interdisciplinary approach. We believe that combining different scientific disciplines contributes to a better understanding of how bullying develops, as well as how to prevent and stop it. We see a combination of research and established practice as the best way forward towards our Vision Zero.


ikon som symboliserar Friends utbildningarOur role is to provide adults working and interacting with children with the knowledge, tools, structure and courage to stop bullying and promote equality. Children are influenced by adults. Adults are their role models.

The knowledge that we build and develop through research and practice is used by Friends to provide training and advice.

We hold training courses and workshops, and have ongoing dialogue with schools, pre-schools and sports-clubs all across the country. We are present in the day-to-day activities of the children, which gives us a unique insight into their thoughts, feelings, problems and relationships.

Friends’ training courses and material are based on the Education Act, the Discrimination Act and the national curricula. The contents of the training courses are based on extensive research, combined with the joint experience of Friends and the schools where we operate.


ikon som symboliserar Friends rådgivningThe advice provided by Friends aims to support the systematic efforts to promote safe schools, pre-schools and sports clubs. We provide advice, support and guidance to children and young people, as well as school staff, guardians, sports coaches and other adults working and interacting with children who experience insecurity and vulnerability.


ikon som symboliserar Friends utbildningarThrough structured, long-term advocacy and political lobbying, we are working to improve support from society as a whole and increase resources aimed at stopping and preventing bullying.

We disseminate knowledge through our partnerships, at conferences and seminars in Sweden and abroad. We publish reports, write op-ed articles and strive to ensure that these issues continue to be highlighted in the media.

Friends will always be on the side of those who are vulnerable. We will continue to do so for as long as there are children who barely dare to go to school, who experience a feeling of dread every break time or who take long detours to avoid degrading treatment and harassment.