Friends is a non-profit organisation with an assigned 90 account from Svensk Insamlingskontroll.

How Friends is funded

Friends is funded through fundraising and donations, sponsor revenue from individuals, businesses and foundations, as well as through fees for our training courses.

Our funds enable us to subsidise the schools, pre-schools and sports-clubs that we partner with. Our training fees cover around 50 percent of the costs, with the remaining 50 percent financed from our own funds.

Our fundraising also enables Friends to conduct research, disseminate knowledge, engage in advocacy and be involved in issues that concern children’s safety in society.

We strive to be transparent and consider it our responsibility to openly describe our operations, ensuring donors and partners that the money is always used in the best possible way in our battle against bullying. Our 90-account means that we are audited annually by Svensk Insamlingskontroll. In addition, we comply with the Quality Code developed by Giva Sverige (the Swedish Fundraising Council). That is how we maintain the public’s trust and ensure that our work is carried out in an ethical and responsible manner, and that our funds are used for their intended purpose.

How our funds are used

When you donate money to Friends you can rest assured that the donation is used properly, where it will provide the greatest benefit in our efforts to prevent bullying. 80% of our funds go towards preventing bullying through education, research, advocacy, advice and support. 16% go to fundraising and marketing, and only 4% go to management, planning and other administrative costs.

Salaries and remunerations

Board of Directors
All Directors, including the Chair, work on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration.

The Board of Directors of Friends appoints the Secretary-General and determines their salary.