Alfons’ friendship box

Alfons’ friendship box is a collection of learning material that can be used by preschools to promote a safer school environment.

The aim of Alfons’ friendship box is to promote a safe and comfortable preschool for all children. The box is created by Friends in collaboration with Bok-Makaren AB, the property rights company behind Alfons Åberg.

The material in Alfons’ friendship box focuses on strengthening and developing children’s empathy, as well as giving the children an opportunity to take part of and process different friendship related subjects. The intention is not to use the material to teach children how friendship works, but rather to give them the possibility to reflect on issues that are important to them and to express their thoughts.

The box includes among other things: Alfons books with related instructions, material for parents, conversation cards, an Alfons doll, audio books and a podcast with Farzad Faraneh – a person many children recognize from the children’s TV channel “Barnkanalen”. All the material is based on the preschool curriculum.

Alfons’ friendship box targets all ages in preschool. It can also be used for the schools’ younger classes, with certain adjustments by the teachers. It may not be relevant for all age groups to use all the material, but there should be something suitable for everyone in Alfons’ friendship box.

The material can be ordered from Friends’ web shop at the price of 895 SEK.

Order Alfons’ friendship box

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