How does Friends make a difference?

Friends has been working with preventing bullying for more than fifteen years.

Our methods are firmly based on research, and evaluations of The Friends Program show that bullying has decreased on average by 24 percent at schools that have worked with the Friends Program for one year.

This is how we know that Friends works

For all schools included in The Friends Program, the relationship with Friends begins with a survey where pupils/students and staff answer questions about the atmosphere at the school. In the survey, pupils and staff answer questions about bullying and acts of intimidation. The aim of the survey is to determine the school’s needs and conditions for preventative work to combat acts of intimidation.

The same survey with the same questions is repeated again after a year, making it possible to compare the frequency of acts of intimidation before and after the school started working with Frieds. 40 schools have been involved in evaluating The Friends Program, and 9000 pupils and students have taken part in the surveys.

  • After a year working with The Friends Program, bullying (repeated harassment) decreases on average by 24 percent.
  • Individual acts of harassment decrease on average by 14 percent.

Surveys from responsible school leadership teams that Friends have worked with also show that nine out of ten schools feel that the atmosphere has improved since beginning to work with Friends.

In the project “Safe Sport”, almost nine out of ten clubs feel that working together with Friends has improved the social atmosphere in the club.

All clubs that have answered Friends’ evaluation questionnaires experience that they have increased knowledge and awareness on how to work to prevent bullying.

A little more than nine out of ten clubs have developed a policy to work with both urgent situations and to prevent bullying.

For more information about Friends’ impact, contact:
Anders Gustafsson, Public Relations Manager
Tel: +4670 725 54 13

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