Friends launches new political suggestion to stop bullying

The number of children being subjected to bullying hasn’t decreased in Sweden for twenty years. We see it as a big failure that the question about children’s rights and wellbeing at school hasn’t been a higher priority for Swedish governments. 60 000 children are subjected to bullying or other acts of intimidation in Swedish schools. Official statistics from Skolinspektionen also shows that two out of three schools fail in their preventive work against bullying.

In the light of this Friends launches a new political suggestion on how the government can decrease bullying in Swedish schools. The pillar in our suggestion is the new report “Ett trygghetslyft för skolan” which is available in Swedish here.

Friends mean that to stop bullying the knowledge about preventive work needs to get increase throughout the whole school system. We encourage the government to invest 650 million Swedish crowns, starting with the fall of 2016, to launch a project to increase knowledge amongst principals, teachers and other adults working in schools about preventive work against bullying.

The government has completed a similar project recently called “Matematiklyftet” which aimed to improve teachers knowledge in mathematics, with the overall goal to improve students results in this area. The project cost 650 million crowns and is considered a big success. We mean that the matter of children’s right to feel safe at school deserves an investment of the same size.

Our article presenting the suggestion was published in Sweden’s largest news paper Aftonbladet and can be read here.

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