Friends International Center against Bullying

Our vision is a society where children and young people grow up feeling safe and secure, and where all people are treated equally. Through Friends International Center against Bullying, we are one step closer to fulfilling that vision. – Lars Arrhenius, Friends Secretary-General

What is Friends International Center against Bullying?

Friends International Center against Bullying is a meeting place for everyone working to combat bullying. The center is key to all Friends’ work, which is all about supporting and training schools, preschools and sports clubs in their work to stop bullying. The center has three main pillars: research, education and advice.

Takes place at the Department of Child and Youth Studies at Stockholm University

The center hosts conferences and arranges training about bullying. The aim is to exchange knowledge about bullying on a national and international level. The educational component also includes training courses for teachers, clubs and others interested in preventative work to combat bullying.

Schools, preschools and sports clubs can turn to Friends International Center against Bullying for advice and support from Friends’ experts.

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