Sport-Related Courses

The Swedish National Athletic Association’s (Svensk idrott) guidelines are clear: Sports for children and young people are to be run with the child’s rights in mind, and follow the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Friends’ hope is that sport for children and young people should be organized with the child’s perspective in mind, and be characterized by happiness, a sense of safety, participation and fellowship.
Friends’ sport-related courses are aimed at clubs and their leaders, members and parents. We help your club create good conditions for a safe and secure environment where we together identify and find tools for your preventative efforts as well as plans for emergency action against acts of intimidation and discrimination.

By working with a long-term approach and using knowledge, consensus and engagement, we believe that your club can make a difference!

Read more about how sports clubs can choose to work with Friends:
Download our course catalogue in PDF-format

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