Friends Report 2015: 8% of children are subjected to bullying

13 August 2015

According to the Friends Report 2015, eight percent of the students in Sweden are subjected to bullying in school. In more than half of the cases the bullying has been ongoing for several months or longer, without the school bringing the bullying to an end. The report also shows major problems with harassments associated with gender, ethnicity and disability.

The Friends Report 2015 contains answers from 15,086 children in grades 3-9 and shows that eight percent of Sweden’s students are subjected to bullying. That represents about 60,000 children or 1-2 children in every class.

– This situation is extremely tragic… Bullying has tremendous consequences in terms of mental illness, school dropouts, and in worst case – suicide, says Lars Arrhenius, Secretary General at Friends.

A large part of the harassments and intimidations is associated with some form of discrimination and many children and adolescents bear witness to harassments related to gender, disability, ethnicity or religion. One in five of the children and adolescents who have been subjected to harassment respond that it is related to ethnicity, e.g. skin color, appearance or name.

– It is a human right to be safe and secure in school and feel that you are accepted for who you are. Therefore, there has to be an increase in the actions against discriminations in school, says Lars Arrhenius

– School staff needs knowledge to create safety and students need safety to be able to learn. In order for us to get there, we believe that the government should support the schools through a national initiative to boost knowledge about safety issues and how to reduce bullying, says Lars Arrhenius.

The most unsafe places in school

  1. Bathrooms 18%
  2. Changing rooms 13%
  3. Internet 7%

Key figures from the report

  • 8% in grades 3-9 are subjected to bullying
  • 10% of the students in grades 7-9 have been subjected to bullying by an adult in school
  • One in five who have been subjected to bullying have not told anyone about it

Read the Friends Report 2015


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